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Genova Quarto (Italy)


The choice of the destination for your honeymoon is never self-evident, and December offers you a lot of possibilities.

The charm of a winter wedding can go ahead choosing a honeymoon to discover northern Europe countries.
See yourselves in the cities where Christmas lightenings are a perfet picture at every corner and where Andersen’s fables were born.

And then a bit further up, where the light of the Aurora Borealis reflects itself on the snow that wraps everything; where you could sleep in a igloo, pet a deer, take a ride with dogsleds and become kisd again at Santa Claus Village.

If you’d like to have summer back, Caribbeans and the ultimate romantic destinations: crystal bays surrounded by a generous and colorful nature and unforgettable sunsets to watch sitting on the beaches.

Let you become involved in slow rhythms, inebriated by vanilla and rum scents of old distilleries while walking in theese tropical gardens with their vibrating culture.

If you’re looking for original destinations in order to discover an astonishing nature South America is where you want to be.
Trekking on ancient Incan people’s trail, salty deserts and sky-coloured glaciers are a priceless mix for a backpack honeymoon following adventurous emotions.

Whatever your La-La-Land is, I will help you to get there!