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Genova Quarto (Italy)


The work of a wedding planner never stops. Some months you just work in the backstage; other months you go on stage.

Every wedding has very specific preparation steps: one year before the big day, you have to make some choices; six months and three months before, you have to make other choices.

Usually, six months before the wedding, time, which seemed not to pass at all, starts running too fast. One of the obsessive thoughts of the couple is: are we going to manage it all?

The answer is: of course! However, sometimes the couple is not enough. That is why, six months before saying the fateful “yes”, I try to make them experience the emotions that they will feel on the day of the wedding by including a visit to the picked location (among other activities).

For the couple getting married in June, that happens during Christmas time. The atmosphere that can be found in the streets, can also be found amplified in the locations and villas. This magic helps the groom and the bride to image their wedding day more easily and to take the six-months-before decisions with more serenity, by letting themselves inspire and get carried away by the party atmosphere that lingers everywhere.

You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

(Dr Seuss)