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Genova Quarto (Italy)

MA SE GHE PENSO. To all the Genoeses spread all over the world.

Some have moved because of love, some others because of a job and some others because of a gamble.

However, in the heart of every Genoese in the world, there is always the hope to come back at least once to Genoa.

Located in a long and narrow region, Genoa is sometimes a fascinating town. The bright colours of the green of the maritime pines blend perfectly with the dark grey of the rocks and the deep blue of the sea.

Characterised by its constant hills and slopes, terraced hills, and simple and delicate smells, Genoa is full of uncontaminated spots, historic villas, historic buildings and signs of life experiences in every corner.

A versatile town that enables its residents to live as on holiday, especially during spring and summer.

Genoa is a town that is often taken for granted by its citizens.

Ma se ghe penso alôa mi veddo o mâ, veddo i mæ monti, a ciassa da Nonçiâ, riveddo o Righi e me s'astrenze o cheu, veddo a lanterna, a cava, lazù o Meu...Riveddo a-a séia Zena iluminâ, veddo là a Fôxe e sento franze o mâ e alôa mi penso ancon de ritornâ a pösâ e òsse dôve ò mæ madonâ.

(Mario Cappello & Attilio Margutti)

You understand how special it is once you leave it. Well, because no matter whether you leave it for choice or necessity, once the airplane gets off from the Cristoforo Colombo airport you realise that Genoa is like a treasure chest that jealously safeguards its citizens, protects them with its mountains and give them amazing sunsets that reflect on the infinite sea.

I like to compare it to a mum who silently stands behind her child when he moves his first steps and watches him walking alone, ready to help only if necessary, letting him enjoy the approach to the independence of life.

If, among the readers, there is someone on the other side of the Ocean, or in the other hemisphere, or more easily in another Italian town, who is thinking about Boccadasse on a summer night, or the promenade of Anita Garibaldi with the view on Portofino or even the Porto Antico, then I’ve succeeded in my goal: making you come back a little bit to Genoa with your heart.

If your heart is engaged and you are thinking of getting married in a beloved glimpse, we will be happy to help you with your dream. Your Genoa is waiting for you, you will only have to pack up to go back home. Everything else will be taken care of by the team of With Love, Wedding!

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