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Genova Quarto (Italy)


A musician can have several reasons to decide to specialise his music in wedding music. Among those, the most important is certainly the knowledge of music genres acquired throughout the years: from pop to latin, from rock to ballroom dance, from the 60’s to the modern international music. To make wedding music, one must be as trained as possible. If we think about it: the “duet”, as the union of the masculine and feminine voices, is already a wedding genre itself.
The evolution of music happening from one year to another influences wedding music. The ideal wedding musician has to keep up with times, in terms of musical repertoire and songs to suggest. This is an essential part of this job. It often happens that people at weddings ask for the last song they heard a couple of days before on the radio and the goal is obviously to satisfy the client’s requests (although it is not always possible). Very often people ask for just released songs, summer hits and Sanremo songs.
Fortunately, there is a music genre that will never get old fashioned: classic wedding music. It is about timeless and romantic songs that no wedding couple refuses to listen to during the wedding.

Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy

(Ludwig van Beethoven)

The musician does not always have a set list, as it is often regarded as binding (especially on a wedding). The reason is simple: every wedding hosts people of different ages and different music tastes. Therefore, being able to improvise is essential. The ability required is also to be able to change music genre, speed it up or slow it down at different times, get the guests attention, manage the breaks and, why not even surprise the couple with a performance that highlights the artist’s skills. This is why many musicians say no to the wedding playlist.
Wedding and events music is evolving and you can notice that by the increase of request of musical entertainment by wedding couples. This service is becoming more essential every year and this pleases the experts in the field.
Today there are many offers to consider, from jazz music to the band, from the duos and trios to the latest hits.

The hope of a musician is that the couple is looking for quality for their wedding.