A team that follows you like a discrete guardian angel from planning to homeymoon.

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Genova Quarto (Italy)


We take care of love when it has reached its peak, when your desire to be together forever is born and you want the whole world to know that.

Our ears listen to the best love stories ever, our eyes are fed by the complicity of the couples that contact us and the synergy that arises from these encounters creates unique weddings, tailor-made for every of our couples.

However, our job can start earlier: the very moment you choose the wedding ring and organise the proposal.

The ring you are giving to your future bride acquires a unique meaning. It has to speak of your love, it has to represent the person that will wear it and, most importantly, it has to be the right size!

Moreover, the way you decide to give it has to be special, as unique as your story.

To all of those thinking that Valentine’s day might be the right day to knee in front of the love of your life, but also to all of those who think that the 14th of February is an obvious choice, we want to give you some advice. Whatever you choose among Valentine’s day, your birthday, your anniversary, the sea, a lodge in the mountains, a Carribean beach or your apartment during a simple breakfast, do it with your heart. Full this proposal with love, respect and esteem for the person you have in front of you. Everything else will follow.

Would you like some advice to choose the perfect ring? Do you already have the ring but you lack some ideas for the proposal? Contact us, we will be glad to help you!

Those days lost chasing the wind. asking for a kiss, and wanting another hundred

(Fabrizio De Andrè)