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Genova Quarto (Italy)


When vintage style becomes the thread of the event and when an design enthusiast tap into the possibility to “dig” in old unattended garages, the pianification of design comes up spontaneously.

A location placed in a typical Ligurian landscape, exactly half way between mountains and sea, evokes naturals materials; wood and candles are the accompanying to pictures, paintings, frames and old notebooks that narrates of ancient family stories and past memories.

An enchanting setting during a sunny day can completely transform itself after the sunset with enlightened candles and evocative reflexes.

Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity. (Coco Chanel)

Vintage Wedding un matrimonio dall'eleganza retro

Paper is another typical element of a Vintage Wedding, especially if a bit yellowed and worn out by time.

As an original tableau de mariage placed in a beautiful frame that welcomes your guests while entering the location and gives a first taste of that old-fashion style that defines the event.

Vintage Wedding un matrimonio dall'eleganza retro
Vintage Wedding un matrimonio dall'eleganza retro
Vintage Wedding un matrimonio dall'eleganza retro

As in the unique bouquet made with paper flowers where old newspaper clippings stay together with fragments of spoiled papers, both with soft nuances close to wood and choccolate to get to a pure noir.
This detail combines extravagancy and sophistication, originality and elegance.

As for the Wedding Cake, this retrò-style takes shape also in antiquities that, discreetly and according to the chosen Wedding Design, embraces the lead of the moment extolling its beauty and candour.

Vintage Wedding un matrimoni dall'eleganza retro

A couple that choose a Vintage-style for their wedding is fascinated by the story of ancient objects and their imperfecion.