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How difficult is it to combine everything? Kids, future husband, home, job, friends, gym, and everyday life in general?

What if the wedding planning was added to all of this? There is a high risk that the magic would turn into a nightmare.

If you are part of those people who have decided to create a family before the wedding, you are in the right place.

This article wants to help with some little advice all those couples with children who are trying to organise a special wedding, kids friendly but not too much.

The essential thing is to never forget what you are organising: your wedding!

It has to speak of you, of what you were and what you have become as a couple.

Babies and children need someone from whom to copy happiness and someone with whom to be happy.

(Mary e Robert Goulding)

Here is some advice on how to make this easier:

Choosing the wedding date

Choose a date that does not clash with the school timetable and that would allow you to do a nice family trip as the honey moon. We then suggest some days before Christmas (for example the 22nd of December), or June, July, or the first week of September.

– Choosing the location

The location has to be a wide space (both in case of a sunny or rainy weather) for the kids. In this way, it will be possible to have two simultaneous parties, one for the grown ups and one for the kids, without the two interfering with each other. (Do not underestimate your children: they will bring a whole crew of friends and cousins).

– Entertainment

Let the kids be entertained by a group of professional entertainers, who will take care of them from the arrival to the cut of the cake. Your only thought will be being aware that they are happy, watched and they are having fun.

– Photographers

Get at least two photographers, one that will deal with you and one that will deal with the kids. It will be exciting to see the pictures together and, by doing so, you will be sure that you have not missed not even a moment of this important day.

– Symbolic ritual

Finally, remember to give your children an important role. Think of a family time. Ask the priest or the official to marry you with your children. Swap an object that will become a symbol between you and your children. You will make them feel important!

With Love, Wedding Planning