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The word “design” can include the most diverse practical arts, from fashion to interior to graphic; but when it is put beside the word “wedding”, everything becomes suddenly more magical.

Wedding design is the thread that leads the event to the right path, the one to the altar. It includes all the aspects and moments that create the big day and it is the natural expression of the couple.

Just like in every other field, wedding design can also have its fashions, style and trends; but it can often happen to forget about the uniqueness of the moment by persisting in running after originality and eccentricity that you would expect from such an important event.

You only need a colour, a passion that combines the couple or an element that has always characterised their story in order to create the wedding sketch.
Wedding design is the personalisation: the graphic of the participations, the equipment during the ceremony, the organisation of the location.
The details and peculiarities of the celebration gather under the same common denominator.

There are no fashions, styles or trends to follow, there are no unbreakable rules: only the couple, their life together and the idea of the wedding that has always been in their minds.
Flowers, pearls, ribbons, paper and candles dance to the same symphony. The same rhythm that speaks of trust, happiness and sharing.
From the first meeting to the end of the celebration, I will be forming this thread with the passion of With Love Wedding. The bride and the groom will only have to enjoy the magic.