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One of my hidden dreams is a Christmas-time wedding.
I’ve always loved Christmas and its magic, since childhood in my family it has never gone away, and the day of “YES I DO” with this thread would double-up the charm.
How to realize a christmasy wedding design avoiding to get caught up in mistakes?
Christmas will be the theme but the event is, first of all, a wedding; leading in an outsize exaltation could be easy.
But let’s start from the beginning.
A christmasy graphic would be predictable; so no little christmas trees as well as stars.
Christmas style could be used in writing; just add the date and the magic will take over.
Nature in its winter dress, offers us a lot to decorate Churches or City Halls: the result will be touching for everyone.
First of all, wood is the material that, together with other christmasy colors par excellence, will warm up the atmosphere.
Garlands, berries, branches and pinecones will make the difference enriched by sweet scents given by spices and fruits.

The table setting will play master because it will have to declare the Love that permeates a wedding as well the charm that only Christmas can give.

Red is certainly the lead, spread with care and mingled with other elements will create the perfect setting. Scented candles, small boxes gift-wrapped, little balls stolen from Christmas tree, the right playlist as a background, ribbons and beads will do the rest.

The Sweet-table will be the final gift to your guests; Christmas offers a large choice of traditional sweets with whom you could delight friends and that could even be used as placeholder or as a favour souvenir of the event.

The union of love and delicacy enclosed in a wedding, the shiny and dreamy glamour that only Christmas can give, will breathe life to a unique and magic event.

The harmony of a Christmas wedding needs to be planned in detail; the risk to get out of the main theme and lead to exaggeration is just round the corner.
The study of Wedding Design is fundamental for a highly successful event.

Photos: Francesca Gazzolo        Cake Designer: Dolce Perla         Location: Villa Passo d’Oro